Rainbow Vacuum Parts

What To Do When Major Rainbow Vacuum Parts Break

When any appliance in the home breaks unexpectedly it can be a big deal. Certain appliances like vacuum cleaners and dishwashers often cause the biggest disruption because they are used frequently in most homes. Because they are so heavily used, … Continue reading

How To Clean Rainbow Sweeper Parts After Use

It may sound strange to some, but even vacuum cleaners need to be cleaned from time to time. The reason for this is that they can become dirty after months or years of picking up pet hair, dirt, and dander. … Continue reading

Three common problems with Power Nozzles and how to fix them

Rainbow Power Nozzles are built to last. But even the most robust of domestic cleaning appliances need parts replacing to retain optimum performance. Rainbow vacuums are no different. As the Power Nozzle is the one component that you can guarantee … Continue reading

How to replace Rainbow vacuum belts for Power Nozzle models

There are two distinct types of Power Nozzle’s in their range; fortunately, both use the same Rainbow vacuum belts. Even more pleasing, they’re inexpensive to replace and the task can usually be carried out at home. No experience is (generally) … Continue reading

Where Can I Buy Rainbow Sweeper Replacement Parts?

Finding a replacement part for a vacuum cleaner used to mean spending a lot of time driving around town looking for a repair center who could service that make and model. Now that many repair centers have an online store, … Continue reading

How Often Should I Replace The Rainbow Vacuum Belt?

It may surprise people that they need to change the belt on their vacuum cleaner every now and then. Many leave them on until they break, or may not even realize that it has been worn out or broken for … Continue reading

Top Signs Your Rainbow Vacuum Motor Needs Work

Vacuum cleaners often display the same symptoms that other appliances do when they need repairs. The symptoms often include sudden noises, a loss of power, or they stop working entirely. When any of these happen, owners need to investigate the … Continue reading