Top Signs Your Rainbow Vacuum Motor Needs Work

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Vacuum cleaners often display the same symptoms that other appliances do when they need repairs. The symptoms often include sudden noises, a loss of power, or they stop working entirely.

When any of these happen, owners need to investigate the source of this problem to see if it is something minor like a clog or if it something serious like a broken motor.

Sudden Noises From The Unit

A sudden noise is sometimes the first thing sign that the Rainbow vacuum motor may need repairs. The noise may be something like a tiny grinding noise, or a subtle whirring sound.

The noise may get louder over time, which is often a sign that the problem is getting worse, which is why it is important to get it looked at as quickly as possible.

Louder sounds, like knocking or banging, should be looked at immediately. In most cases, this is often caused by something clogged in the hose or an attachment, but may be a motor issue.

The Suction Begins To Weaken

A loss of suction is indication that something may be wrong with the sweeper. There are several causes for this, which is why it should be inspected to see what the problem is.

Rainbow Vacuum D4 MotorThe most common cause for a loss of suction is debris and buildup in the hose, filter, or the attachments. These are very easy problems that can be fixed with a few simple tools like a thin brush or a good cleaning.

If a thorough cleaning does not resolve the problem, then it may be necessary to have it looked at by a professional to determine what is causing the problem.

Those who are skilled at appliance repairs may find that they can replace the part at home, but most may find it is easier to schedule a repair call, or send their sweeper to a repair center.

In some cases, sending it for repairs may be the better option as it may be covered under the warranty or as part of a service guarantee from the seller. If this is the case, then owners should make arrangements to have the unit picked up or ship it to the repair center.

The Unit No Longer Turns On

When a motor has issues, the unit may no longer turn on. This is one of the most obvious signs that there is a problem. If this occurs, the unit should be unplugged, and technical support or customer service should be called.

Trying to operate the unit if it has started to not turn on may be dangerous, and may cause injury or damage to property, which is why it is so important to have it looked at right away by a professional.

The advantage to having it repaired by a professional is that they will replace or repair the Rainbow vacuum motor and test it to make sure that it is fully functional and safe before sending it back.


Author: Steve Morgret

Master Technician for RainVac.