Rainbow Vacuum Attachments

How To Clean Hard To Reach Areas With The Rainbow MiniJet

Hard to reach areas can sometimes be difficult to clean because most traditional vacuums cannot maneuver around them, which means they remain filthy. Thanks to the MiniJet, this never has to be a problem again! With this attachment, it is … Continue reading

Ease Allergy Symptoms With Rainbow Vacuum Systems

Ridding the home of allergens takes more than just dusting now and then. It requires a thorough plan for cleaning that covers everything from the air to the carpets. Even ignored places like drapes and pillows need to be cleaned … Continue reading

Where should I dispose of my Rainbow vacuum water basin’s contents?

The Rainbow vacuum water basin is at the heart of your Rexair cleaning system. The first time you use it, prepare to be shocked. The water and HEPA filtration systems combine to trap 99%+ of all grime and bacteria. Whether … Continue reading

Top Tips For Fixing A Rainbow Vacuum Hose

One of the most common issues for any vacuum cleaner is a loss of suction. A loss of suction leads to issues like debris not being picked up, leaving carpets dirty even after vacuuming. There are possible causes for this … Continue reading