How To Clean Hardwood Floors With A Rainbow Vacuum

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Cleaning hard floors has always been a chore for many people because they require so many extra steps. First, they have to be swept with a broom, then carefully cleaned using wood-safe products.

After the floor has dried, it then needs to be dusted or swept again, since mops always leave behind debris. This is a tedious process that many find aggravating and time consuming.

Save Time By Using The Right Tools

To avoid wasting time when cleaning any hard surface, make sure to use the right tools for the job. For wood floors, this means choosing a Rainbow hardwood floors vacuum attachment instead of a mop and broom.

The reason for this is that the attachment is specially designed to remove stains, spills, and even pick up dust without scuffing the wood, and without leaving ugly streaks behind.

It can handle any type of mess, whether it’s just dust or spills like flour or sugar, or even larger messes like jelly, syrup, or mud that has been dropped or tracked across the floor.

Clean Up Any Mess The Easy Way

The first step to using a vacuum for hardwood floors is to pick up any large debris using either a brush or tube attachment. If there are very large pieces of glass or other debris, consider picking them up by hand instead.

The next step is to vacuum up any visible dirt to make sure that the floor is as clean as possible before mopping it. This will help prevent streaks and dust marks after the surface dries.

Rainbow Vacuum NewAfter this step has been completed, the attachment should be removed and the special mop head attachment, best known as the RainJet, should be put on in its place.

The RainJet is designed to be used just like a traditional mop, but has a powerful unit behind it that makes it easier to clean any type of wood floor in less time, and with less residue left behind.

To use it, simply move it back and forth in even patterns across the floor, being careful to avoid going too quickly. Going too quickly may result in residue not being picked up, or streaks forming.

After using the wood floor vacuum to clean, the squeegee attachment can be used to pick up excess water, making it easier for the floors to dry faster than it would with traditional mops.

Add Cleaning Solutions For Tough Spills

In many cases, water alone will be enough to clean up floors, but there are some times when it may be necessary to add a cleaning solution or fragrance to the water basin.

The cleaning solutions can help to remove ground in dirt, and may help reduce stains caused by oil spills, paint, or other sticky residue that has been tracked across the wood.

Another advantage to using a cleaning solution or fragrance with a Rainbow hardwood floor vacuum is that it can help freshen the air, leaving behind not only clean floors but a fresh aroma.


Author: Steve Morgret

Master Technician for RainVac.