Rainbow Vacuum Fragrances

The Easy Guide To Fragrance Oils

You may have seen bottles of fragrances for the home at the store, in magazines, or even advertised online. They’re billed as the perfect way to make your home smell inviting and fresh without any effort, but what exactly are … Continue reading

Top Fragrances For The Water Pan

One of the biggest advantages to owning a water based vacuum cleaner is that it has more options and flexibility compared to many of the traditional upright models. Among the options is the ability to add fragrances to the water, … Continue reading

Rainbow Vacuum Water Basin Fragrance Packs

Practically every homeowner has had to battle with lingering odors in their home. These odors can come from nearly everything, such as a dirty litter box or piles of dirty laundry. Stale air can also occur during the winter or … Continue reading

Get Fresh Air Every Day With Rainbow Vacuum Fragrances

One mark of a truly clean home is that it smells fresh and pleasant. There should be no obvious signs of pets, smoking, or even lingering food odors on a regular basis if it has been properly cleaned. Getting a … Continue reading