Top Fragrances For The Water Pan

One of the biggest advantages to owning a water based vacuum cleaner is that it has more options and flexibility compared to many of the traditional upright models.

Among the options is the ability to add fragrances to the water, which is then used to freshen the air and leave behind an inviting aroma that is relaxing or invigorating.

Look For Citrus Based For A Crisp And Clean Aroma

When it comes to a freshly cleaned aroma, nothing beats citrus! Lemon, lime, and orange are all immensely popular choices for cleaning products, which is why they are perfect choices for the water pan.

One option is to just use one citrus fragrance by itself, such as fresh lemon peel. This is a bright and clean scent, and is the perfect choice for spring and early summer.

Citrus mixes, such as grapefruit and Mandarin orange, are also popular choices for earlier in the year. Some may find that exotic citrus blends are also a great choice for winter because they are invigorating.

Pick A Classic Fragrance

FragrancesSome fragrances never go out of style, such as pine, fresh linen, and even peppermint or bakery inspired aromas. These classics are a staple for many who love to fragrance their home.

Pine is always popular because it is associated with freshness and the outdoors. It is a very popular choice during winter as well because it reminds many of winter holidays.

Cinnamon and spice blends are another great option for winter. These warm and pleasing aromas make many feel cozy on those long and cold winter nights.

Vanilla is another classic that can be used year round. This aroma is so popular because it is light, subtle, and very inviting. It can be used in any room of the home without being out of place.

Fresh linen is another classic that is widely using in homes. The reason for this is because it reminds many of freshly cleaned laundry. This subtle fragrance is perfect for guest rooms and bedrooms.

Cotton and baby powder fragrances are sometimes considered classics as well. These are among the more subtle options available, but there are many who prefer subtle scents.

Blend Your Own For A Custom Aroma

Some may find that the available fragrances are not exactly what they are looking for. If that is the case, there are still some options available for freshening the air while vacuuming.

Limited edition blends are sometimes available, which can be a good choice for something unique. These blends often feature exotic fragrances, and can be a great option for bathrooms and guest rooms.

Another option is to blend your own by mixing a few drops of difference fragrances. One word of caution with this is to add the drops slowly because a little goes a long way!

The fragrances can be mixed directly in the water pan, or may be mixed in a separate bottle that way they do not have to be mixed every time you want to freshen the air.

Author: Steve MorgretMaster Technician for RainVac.