Top Reasons To Upgrade Your Water Pan

One of the biggest reasons many prefer water based vacuum cleaners is that they do not rely on messy bags or canisters that have to be replaced or dumped constantly.

Instead, they utilize a simple basin that only needs basic tap water to operate. This means there is no lengthy set up, and no need to worry about finding replacement bags at the last minute.

Increased Cleaning Capabilities

The best reason to upgrade the water pan is to optimize the vacuum’s ability. This means you can clean more without having to stop and change out the water.

The upgrade is double the capacity, which for some means cleaning the entire house on one fill without stopping. Having double the capacity also allows you to pickup twice as much water when shampooing or cleaning up a water spill.

Another perk is that it is much easier to use cleaning products like carpet shampoos without worrying about emptying container as much during a long cleaning session.

Clean More Without Stopping

Being able to clean more without having to stop and empty the basin can be a tremendous help when deep cleaning the floors with the carpet shampoo attachment.

Water PanThe reasoning behind this is that shampooing heavily stained carpets requires more water. If the room is very large, it means emptying the pan several times per room.

Having an upgraded version with double the capacity can quickly reduce the need to empty the water pan frequently, making it possible to clean even the largest rooms with just one or two fill-ups.

Larger pans also make it easier to mop a tile floor or use the squeegee in your basement or garage. Just start with an empty water pan, attach the squeegee, and start cleaning!

The big benefit on using the water pan when vacuuming allows for more water to filter the dust and dirt that is collected. When the water starts to get thick with dirt and turns from a liquid to a solid, the more dirt that is picked up starts to bounce off the thick mud and starts going up into the separator and motor and sticks.

This is the main reason why the Rainbow gets dirty inside the motor. Keep the water changed out before it gets thick and you will enjoy a longer running Rainbow system.

Replace Aging Or Cracked Basins

The final reason for an upgrade is to replace an old, worn, or cracked water pan. Instead of ordering the same size, many take this opportunity to purchase the larger basin to replace the old.

Another option is to have a spare basin on hand. Sometimes basins can crack or break if they are not handled properly or have been dropped on a hard surface.

The spare water pan can also be used for the more heavy-duty cleaning tasks and can be switched out for a smaller one for easier, more basic tasks, giving the unit even more flexibility.

Author: Steve MorgretMaster Technician for RainVac.