Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners

My Rainbow Vacuum Has Lost its Suction; What Might the Cause Be?

I’m yet to meet anyone who admits to getting up and rejoicing that it’s time to get the vacuum cleaner out. But, if you want the cleanest living environment possible, vacuuming is an absolute necessity. Vacuum cleaners help us to … Continue reading

What Are The Advantages Of Buying A Rainbow Vacuum System?

Everyone wants the best deal possible when buying appliances, but sometimes it pays to spend a little more. Find out why you should never skimp on vacuums!
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Get Everything You Need With Vacuum Cleaner Complete Units

When the time comes to buy a new vacuum, it is very important to consider all of the options first. Every home has different needs, such as pet hair attachments, or accessories that help to clean drapes and under furniture. … Continue reading

Top Allergy Vacuum Recommendations For Seasonal Sufferers

Anyone who has ever experienced a seasonal allergy often dreads the change of seasons because it often means watery eyes, sneezing, and itching. This prompts many to scramble for ways to help reduce their symptoms. Reducing symptoms requires a solid … Continue reading

How To Remove Pet Hair With An E2 Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner

You love your pets, but you may not love the mess their fur can leave behind! Pet hair can quickly make furniture or carpets look aged and dirty, which is why many do their best to clean up the fur … Continue reading

What Is The Best Vacuum Cleaner If You Have Children?

Parents sometimes find themselves unprepared for the kinds of messes that children can make. They may also be unprepared for the amount of extra cleaning that goes into keeping their home safe. One way to prepare is to purchase a … Continue reading

How To Use Vacuums For Carpet And Hardwood Floors

Many modern homes feature a combination of floor types, such as linoleum for kitchens and bathrooms and carpet for bedrooms or living spaces. This can sometimes present challenges when it comes to keeping the floors clean. The biggest challenge is … Continue reading