How To Remove Pet Stains With A Rexafoamer

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Having a pet means having to deal with the inevitable messes that they can create. These messes can quickly ruin carpet or rugs if they are not cleaned up properly.

Another big problem is that some cleaning solutions can leave discoloration. The discoloration may be simply a slight ring where the stains seeped in or even a bleached spot from the cleaner.

Pick Up Large Pieces Before Shampooing

As soon as the mess or accident has been spotted, clean up any large pieces or debris with a paper towel or newspaper and dispose of it. Once that has been picked up, blot up any extra liquid with a damp cloth.

When blotting up the liquid, be careful not to rub it in, as this will cause the mess to soak in further, and may increase the risk of it staining the carpet or rug.

After picking up everything and blotting away the liquid, the next step is to get the Rexafoamer ready to quickly shampoo the area to ensure that all of the mess is cleaned up.

Shampoo The Area Carefully

There are two main options when using a carpet shampooer to clean up after a pet’s mess – shampoo the entire floor, or just focus on the area where the accident occurred.

Some may find that it is easier to just shampoo the entire carpet, but there are many who prefer to just focus on the small area. This can also be a better option if the accidents happen frequently.

RexafoamerIf you plan to shampoo the entire floor, simply shampoo like normal, and pay a little extra attention to the area that the accident occurred on to make sure it all gets picked up.

If you are focusing on just that area, start by making small and even passes over the area with the Rexafoamer. Do not grind it in, and do not push very hard; instead, focus on light and small strokes to work the shampoo in.

After going over the main area, start working your way outward to clean at least a few inches around the original spot. This will help to mask the fact that it had to be cleaned.

Depending on the type of mess, it may be necessary to add a fragrance to the water basin to help cover up and neutralize the smell. This is often a necessity if the mess was urine as it may leave behind a stale odor.

Spot Treat If There Is No Time To Shampoo

If you find yourself pressed for time and cannot shampoo right away, at least try to treat the area with a spot treatment so that it does not immediately start to stain.

Most spot treatments are safe for all types of carpet and most rugs, but always be sure to do a test patch at least once to make sure that it will not bleach or damage the material.

To use the spot treatment, mist it over the area and allow it to soak in. This will buy at least a few hours until the Rexafoamer can be used to clean up the mess.


Author: Steve Morgret

Master Technician for RainVac.