Rainbow Vacuum Accessories

The Best Rainbow Vacuum Accessories For Allergy Sufferers

When it comes to coping with allergy related problems, the best strategy is to reduce the risk of flare ups by removing all traces of allergens. The best way to do this is to ensure that the home is always … Continue reading

How To Remove Pet Stains With A Rexafoamer

Having a pet means having to deal with the inevitable messes that they can create. These messes can quickly ruin carpet or rugs if they are not cleaned up properly. Another big problem is that some cleaning solutions can leave … Continue reading

How To Shampoo Your Floors With The Rainbow AquaMate

The Rainbow AquaMate is one of the best tools for getting carpets clean without having to put a lot of work into it. This simple and easy to use tool is a snap to set up, and makes cleaning carpets … Continue reading

How To Clean Hard Floors With A Rainbow SuperMop

Keeping hardwood or tile floors clean can be a challenge without the right tools. Among these tools is the SuperMop, which is a revolutionary new way to quickly clean any hard floor, no matter how dirty it is. The advantage … Continue reading

How to use the Rainbow Vacuum Hose to unblock itself

Rexair cleaning systems are renowned for picking up minute particles. But every now and then, Rainbow Vacuum Hoses can get blocked by somewhat larger debris. It’s unlikely that anything big enough to block the hose will ever get by the … Continue reading

Where should I dispose of my Rainbow vacuum water basin’s contents?

The Rainbow vacuum water basin is at the heart of your Rexair cleaning system. The first time you use it, prepare to be shocked. The water and HEPA filtration systems combine to trap 99%+ of all grime and bacteria. Whether … Continue reading

Three common problems with Power Nozzles and how to fix them

Rainbow Power Nozzles are built to last. But even the most robust of domestic cleaning appliances need parts replacing to retain optimum performance. Rainbow vacuums are no different. As the Power Nozzle is the one component that you can guarantee … Continue reading