How To Shampoo Your Floors With The Rainbow AquaMate

The Rainbow AquaMate is one of the best tools for getting carpets clean without having to put a lot of work into it. This simple and easy to use tool is a snap to set up, and makes cleaning carpets less of a chore.

Before you get started on your floors, you will need to have the attachment, some cleaning products, and of course, the Rainbow vacuum itself. As soon as you have these, you are ready to begin!

Assess How Dirty The Carpet Is

Before you get started with setting up the attachment or preparing the cleaning solution, you will first need to assess how dirt the carpet is. This will help you determine if you need to vacuum it first or not.

If the carpet is very dirty, then it may be a good idea to run the vacuum cleaner over it a few times to pick up as much dirt and debris as possible, especially if the mess is likely to smear, such as a spilled potted plant or mud.

Some messes or spills may need to be sucked up with the hose only before starting. For example, spilled wine or a pet’s accident should be extracted first to reduce the amount of liquid in the carpet.

If the carpet does not have a lot of dirt on it, or if the spill or mess is fairly contained, then you can just prepare the Rainbow AquaMate and start shampooing the floor.

Attach It To The Vacuum And Set It Up

First, start by setting up the Rainbow AquaMate. To do this, you will need to fill the tank with lukewarm water. It is very important to monitor the temperature as if it is too hot it may cause damage to the attachment.

As you fill it, make sure that there are no leaks, and that you have wiped up any excess water so that it does not spill into the rest of the Rainbow vacuum unit.

Once you have it filled and the outside is dried off, carefully attach the AquaMate and secure it into place. After that, make sure that the basin is also attached as it will collect the water that is picked up.

The final step in preparing the attachment is to add the shampoo to the bottle and secure it in place. Be sure to use only the recommended amount, and only use Rainbow vacuum cleaning products with it!

Start Cleaning!

Once the Rainbow vacuum has been set up, you are ready to start cleaning! If you will be shampooing the entire room, begin in a corner of the room and work your way out slowly.

From the corner, may slow and short passes with the attachment, making sure to overlap as you go so that all of the carpet gets shampooed and nothing is left behind.

Rainbow AquaMateIf you pass over stained areas, give those spots a little extra attention by passing over the area several times. Repeat this until you have removed as much of the stain as possible.

If you will only be cleaning stained areas or messes, then start at the edge of the mess and go over it slowly with short passes to avoid grinding the mess into the carpet or smearing it around.

Work your way around and over the mess or stain until it has been cleaned up completely. Depending on how bad it was, it may be necessary to repeat this process several times.

After the floor has been cleaned, it will need to dry before it can be walked on again. How long this will take will depend on how damp it is, and how thick the carpet is as some may take longer to dry than others.

Clean Up The Attachment After Use

Last, but not least, the attachment itself will need to be cleaned after the carpets are finished. This step is very important as the Rainbow should never be put away dirt.

To begin, empty the water basin and rinse it out to remove and debris or residue. Allow it to dry in a dish drainer or on the counter top, or even in the sink. After it dries, it can be put back on the unit.

The attachment head should also be carefully cleaned to remove any build up that may have accumulated during cleaning. Always follow the instructions for keeping this attachment clean!

Once you have cleaned the unit and the water basin has dried, all you need to do is store the Rainbow AquaMate and the main unit until you need it again!

Author: Steve MorgretMaster Technician for RainVac.