How To Clean Hard Floors With A Rainbow SuperMop

Keeping hardwood or tile floors clean can be a challenge without the right tools. Among these tools is the SuperMop, which is a revolutionary new way to quickly clean any hard floor, no matter how dirty it is.

The advantage to a tool like this is that it is powered by the Rainbow vacuum cleaner, which gives it more cleaning power than a traditional mop and broom. This means even the toughest spills or messes are no match for it!

Use It Dry For A Quick Touch Up

The first and most common use for the Rainbow SuperMop is to give the floors a quick touch up. This is similar to sweeping the floor with a broom and dustpan, only it cleans far better with less effort.

For areas that are a little sticky or dirty, the cleaning solution can be sprayed on manually, or added to the vacuum cleaner to help lift those areas without having to scrub at them.

Recondition The Floor

Another important use for a household cleaning tool is to recondition hardwood or tile floors. These floors often lose their luster after a few years, especially if they are in high traffic areas.

Instead of resorting to sanding and resurfacing the floors, try using the Rainbow SuperMop to quickly dispense the cleaning product and work it into the floor in minutes instead of hours.

While the attachment cannot sand out rough areas, it can help give the floor a deep clean that will lift away years of grime and debris, leaving the floor significantly cleaner than it was before.

Rainbow SuperMopIn order to do this, fix you must mix up the cleaning solution and add it to the attachment and vacuum cleaner. While it can be sprayed on manually, it is often faster to allow the unit to dispense it as you clean.

Once the solution has been attached and the SuperMop has been clipped on, it is time to start cleaning. Start by making broad strokes across the floor, taking time to carefully overlap each stroke to make sure nothing is missed.

If an area has a stain or sticky spill, it may be necessary to go over it several times to remove it. Avoid scraping the area with a tool, as this may lead to scratches on the floor.

If the floor is in rough condition, it may take several applications of the cleaning product and a number of passes to return it to a better state. This is often best done over the course of a few weeks instead of days.

Wash The Heads Frequently For The Best Performance

Traditional mops and brooms get dirty quickly, especially if they are used in stained areas. This leads to spreading even more dirt around every time they are used.

The biggest advantage of the SuperMop is that the soft cleaning pads for it can be washed and reused as often as need be, meaning that they are always clean and ready to use.

Some may find that they prefer to wash theirs after every use while others may prefer to only wash them every few weeks or months, depending on how dirty they get.

With the right product and a clean pad, the Rainbow SuperMop is the best tool for keeping any hard floor in your home looking like new without the need for harsh chemicals or messy gloss products!

Author: Steve MorgretMaster Technician for RainVac.