Three Questions To Ask Before You Buy An Air Purifier

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When making purchases for the home, it is always important to ask questions about the product in order to determine if it will be a good purchase in terms of quality and value.

The most important questions that you should ask before making a purchase are whether it is affordable, if it will be effective and useful, and what kind of care or maintenance will it require.

Are They Affordable?

The first question about considering a Rainbow air freshener should ask is if it affordable. The answer to this often depends on the available budget for the household.

The overall cost of the unit is fairly low, making it easy for most to afford one. However, there are a few things to consider when comparing this model to similar but cheaper ones.

The first thing to keep in mind is the lifetime cost of the unit. Some cheaper models require expensive filters. These filters can dramatically increase the cost of owning it.

The total cost of ownership should always be considered because while the initial cost may seem high, the lifetime cost of some of the units are far lower than the supposed “cheap” models.

Will They Be Effective?

Rainbow Vacuum PurifierFor most, the question of whether a Rainbow air cleaner will be effective enough in the home is the most important one and often requires the largest amount of research and thought.

The size of the unit is often a determining factor in whether a purifier will be effective. Very small units often do not move enough air, which means that it takes much longer to freshen it.

There is one exception to this, however, and that is if the unit has a powerful motor in it. A powerful enough motor means that it can still be compact yet still freshen the area quickly.

One thing to keep in mind when looking at the available power on any purifier unit is the noise that it produces. Some models may be powerful, but they may also be loud, which can be frustrating to some.

One option for those who prefer a quiet and compact size over a larger and louder model is to purchase several smaller ones and set them up across the home.

The advantage to owning several smaller ones is that it is easier to create the perfect level of comfort in the home without having to sacrifice peace and quiet.

Are They Easy To Care For?

One last thing to consider is whether the unit will be easy to care for. Some cheaper models often require regular filter changes or time consuming cleaning processes, making them a chore to care for.

How often the unit needs to be cleaned should be another consideration. If it needs constant care, such as new filters every month, then it can quickly become time consuming and expensive.

Those who want something that is easier to care for often prefer the Rainbow air freshener because it does not require the constant upkeep or filters that other models do.


Author: Steve Morgret

Master Technician for RainVac.