How To Remove Pet Hair With An E2 Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner

You love your pets, but you may not love the mess their fur can leave behind! Pet hair can quickly make furniture or carpets look aged and dirty, which is why many do their best to clean up the fur right away.

Some rely on sticky tape or lint rollers to pick up the fur, but these can be messy and do not always pick up all of it. Another problem is that they can be expensive, which is why vacuums are the better choice.

Tackle The Worst Spots First

A good vacuum cleaner is crucial to tackling pet hair in any home. This powerful household cleaning tool can be used to remove hair from every last nook and cranny without having to spend all day on it.

The most important step is to always tackle the worst spots first. This may be near the pet’s bed, or on a sofa, depending on where the animal spends the majority of their time.

Start with a basic sweep of the floor to pick up the loose fur that is on the carpet or furniture. If that does not remove all of it, locate the appropriate accessory, such as an upholstery brush or a crevice tool.

Once you have the attachment in place, use short and firm strokes. Depending on how heavy the buildup is, this may take several passes to lift all of the fur from the carpet or furniture.

Deodorize Soiled Areas With Ease

Fur is not the only concern that pet owners face; they also have to deal with odors in carpets, bedding, and furniture. The odors may range from stale to foul, depending on how soiled the area is.

The easiest way to handle odors is to use the E2 Rainbow vacuum cleaner to lift out any stains and residue that has soaked into the fabric. This does require a few steps, so it is important to approach it carefully.

After removing as much fur as possible, the next step is to shampoo the area thoroughly. Shampooing will lift out the odors, and leave the fabric looking fresh and new again.

In order to shampoo, you will need both the vacuum cleaner and a good cleaning product. Many opt for stain fighters that are able to neutralize odors to revive the furniture or carpet.

If this is the first time shampooing the area, be sure to do a test patch in a spot that is out of sight. Behind the sofa, under a table, or even along the back of a piece of furniture works for a test patch.

Test patches are important because some fabrics are delicate, and even the most gentle products can discolor them. Once the test patch has been done, it is time to start shampooing the fabric.

Just like with vacuuming up the fur, start shampooing with slow and short strokes, paying special attention to heavily soiled areas first. Some spots may take multiple passes, especially if the stains are old.

Do Regular Maintenance To Prevent Future Problems

After using the electrical household appliance to clean up the fur and odors, the final step in keeping the home fresh is to do regular maintenance to prevent the build-up from happening again.

How often this is depends on how many animals are in the home, and how much they shed. Some may find that some animals create more messes and shed more often than others do, which means more frequent cleaning.

No matter how often the home needs cleaned, it will be easy to manage it with an E2 Rainbow vacuum cleaner and the right assortment of odor neutralizing products.

Author: Steve MorgretMaster Technician for RainVac.