Rainbow Vacuum Water Basin Fragrance Packs

Practically every homeowner has had to battle with lingering odors in their home. These odors can come from nearly everything, such as a dirty litter box or piles of dirty laundry.

Stale air can also occur during the winter or anytime the weather is dreary because the home is often closed up. Another common issue is lingering cooking odors, which can really build up in a home.

Say Goodbye To Stale Cooking Odors

One of the top reasons people choose Rainbow vacuum water basin fragrance packs is to help control stale cooking odors. These unpleasant smells often arise from burnt food or leftovers.

Scented sprays and candles often help mask the foul smells, but it often quickly returns because they are not actually removing the problem from the air.

To deal with this problem, many Rainbow owners add a few drops of their favorite fragrance to the water and “wash” the air by cleaning the floors in the home. This leaves not only clean floors but fresh air.

Freshen The Air In Any Room In The Home

The kitchen is not the only place that fragrance packs for Rainbow vacuums can be used. Many owners love using their vacuum to create a pleasant new aroma in every room.

FragrancesThe best way to do this is to select a fragrance pack that can be used in every room. Citrus fragrances like lemon, orange, or even exotic Mandarin orange are very popular choices.

Fresh aromas like pine or clean linens are also popular choices because they have a pleasant aroma that makes the room feel even cleaner. These are great choices for hallways, guest rooms, and bathrooms.

For children’s rooms, a more youthful or playful aroma may be more appropriate, such as baby powder or spring flowers. These light aromas are not as overpowering, so they are not likely to overwhelm the room.

Another option is to use a different fragrance in every room in the home. This can be a bit more time consuming since it means refilling the water basin, but some find it worth the effort.

One reason to use a different aroma for each room is that family members may have different preferences. Some may want citrus, while another may want pine or bakery aromas in their room.

Create Unique Aromas For Any Special Occasion

Another great use for these products is to create a unique aroma for a special occasion like a party or holiday gathering. There are several ways to do this, such as mix the packs or find a limited edition one.

There are some fragrances that are better suited to specific holidays, such as peppermint for Christmas or pumpkin and spice for Thanksgiving. These are sometimes available all year, but some may be seasonal.

For truly special occasions, there are several luxury Rainbow vacuum water basin fragrance packs that can be used, such as orange ginger and tea tree mint that can leave the home smelling amazing.

Author: Steve MorgretMaster Technician for RainVac.