How Often Should I Replace The Rainbow Vacuum Belt?

It may surprise people that they need to change the belt on their vacuum cleaner every now and then. Many leave them on until they break, or may not even realize that it has been worn out or broken for months or years.

One of the first signs that it may need to be replaced is that the roller brush no longer turns, or is no longer picking dirt. If this happens, then it should be replaced immediately.

Replace It At Least Every Other Year

As a general rule, all owners should replace their Rainbow vacuum belt at least every other year. One reason for this is that it often improves the performance of the unit and allows it to pick up debris faster and better.

Over time, the rubber material begins to break down and becomes loose, which means that it may start to slip or not grip the roller or beater brush like it should.

Some may find that replacing it yearly improves the performance of the unit. Those who use theirs heavily may find that they may need to replace it more often because it will wear out faster.

Anytime It Shows Signs Of Wear And Tear

All vacuum cleaners should be thoroughly inspected at least once a year to check for signs of wear and tear or missing parts. This is best done either in the garage or on a tile surface in case dirt or dust spills out as it will be easier to clean up.

When inspecting a sweeper, the attachments should also be checked, especially the ones that are used the most, such as the primary sweeper brush. This is often where the belt is located.

Rainbow Vacuum BeltA quick manual inspection can reveal small tears or cracks in the rubber material. If these are visible, then the belt will need to be replaced. These tears tend to get worse, and will eventually lead to it breaking.

Another common problem is that hair, fur, or residue may build up on the roller or on any belts. This happens if the unit was not cleaned out for a long period, or if a very large mess was picked up.

Another sign that it may need to be replaced is a burning smell when vacuuming. Any time a burning smell is noticed, the unit should be powered off and unplugged until it has been repaired.

Typically the burning rubber smell is caused by friction from the rubber on a wooden brush, or the hair and fur is caught and is starting to burn. To prevent this, the unit should be cleaned at least every few months to remove hair and fur buildup.

If It Suddenly Breaks

The most obvious time to replace belts is when they suddenly break. Sudden breakage is uncommon, but it does happen if all the early warning signs were overlooked. It may also occur if the brush becomes snagged on something, or if sharp debris was picked up.

Because the Rainbow vacuum belt is fairly inexpensive, some may find that it is a good idea to keep at least one or two spares around in case they are needed so that there is no interruption in their cleaning schedule while they wait on a replacement to arrive.

Author: Steve MorgretMaster Technician for RainVac.