Rainbow Vacuum Parts

Reduce Your Allergy Symptoms With Rainbow Vacuum Filters

Winter often brings relief from some seasonal allergies, but for many people, they symptoms may not fully go away. One reason for this is that having the heat on dries the air, which can dry out sinuses. Another frequent problem … Continue reading

Top Tips For Cleaning Rainbow Vacuum Sweeper Parts

Cleaning a vacuum cleaner is nothing something that many think about but it is very important to do at least once or twice per year. Just like carpets and floors, a sweeper gets dirty and will clog if it is … Continue reading

How To Order Rainbow Vacuum E Series Parts

When one of the parts on a vacuum cleaner has broken or worn out it needs to be replaced. There are two options when it comes to replacing the part – do it at home, or have a professional do … Continue reading

What Rainbow Vacuum E Series Parts Are Available?

Finding new and replacement parts for vacuum cleaners can be confusing unless you know what you are looking for. There are many different models, and not all of the replacements are interchangeable with each other. Before ordering any replacements, it … Continue reading

How Do I Keep The Rainbow Parts Clean And Functioning?

One question that many owners have is how can they keep their unit clean and in good shape. It’s true that these units do take a bit more care, but the trade-off is that their cleaning power is nearly impossible … Continue reading