How Do I Keep The Rainbow Parts Clean And Functioning?

One question that many owners have is how can they keep their unit clean and in good shape. It’s true that these units do take a bit more care, but the trade-off is that their cleaning power is nearly impossible to beat.

There are two approaches to keeping the unit and parts clean. The first is to always clean the unit thoroughly after each use. The second is to do regular maintenance on it in order to check for any signs of damage or heavy wear and tear.

Step One: Remove The Water Pan And Clean It

It is very important that when the cleaner is in use, that the water level is never above the indicator line and that there is always some amount of water in it. It should never be used if the pan is too full or if it is empty.

After every use, the water pan should be removed and cleaned in order to keep dirt and debris from piling up. If there is any build up, it should be very gently cleaned with an appropriate type of cleaner, or with just water and a gentle brush.

The best way to keep this and other Rainbow parts well looked after is to store them separately, or to thoroughly dry every part after use and cleaning. The reason for this is because moisture can damage electrical parts over time.

Step Two: Check For Any Signs Of Wear Or Tear

When taking the machine apart to clean it, it is important to check for any signs of wear and tear. Wear and tear can happen to any of the Rainbow vacuum cleaner parts, including attachments, screws, and even the filters or motor.

Rainbow Vacuum PartsAs the water pan is often the first thing to be removed, it should be thoroughly checked to ensure that nothing is leaking, and that no debris remains behind after it has been cleaned. If there are any leaks, a replacement is needed as quickly as possible.

The seals around all of the accessories and parts should also be checked. If the seals look cracked, torn, or warped they may need to be replaced. In some cases, the seal itself can be replaced, in others it may be necessary to replace the entire part.

The nozzle often experiences the most wear and tear since it is in direct contact with floors and other surfaces. A simple wipe down after use is often sufficient to keep it in good shape, but sometimes clogs and jams do occur.

If it becomes clogged, it may be necessary to take it apart in order to remove any built up debris. The debris may be as simple as built up hair, or small objects that have become stuck in part of the power nozzle.

The brushroll and belts should also be checked for signs of wear and tear when cleaning the nozzle. Over time, the belts may begin to crack, or they may become damaged if there is constant debris on them.

Some may find that the belt slips if there is too much hair or debris on the brushroll as well. If this is the case, then a good cleaning will often resolve the problem and the belt can be adjusted in order to fit properly again.

Step Three: Replace Damaged Parts As Soon As Possible

If any of the Rainbow vacuum parts appear damaged, it is important to get them repaired or replaced as soon as possible. If the part is damaged, it may be advisable to wait until it is repaired or replaced before using it again.

When looking online for replacements, having the series or part number handy can make it easier to locate the right part. If this is not handy, then the number can be located in either the manual, schematics, or by contacting a dealer.

Nearly all of the Rainbow parts can be found through our website or by calling us. We may even have harder to find parts for older models that have been discontinued, which makes it easier to get your machine working again.

Author: Steve MorgretMaster Technician for RainVac.