Find Help By Contacting A Rainbow Vacuum Service Center

While most basic repairs can be done at home, there are many reasons to contact a professional for service or help. The reasons range from not knowing how to do the work, not having the time, or work that goes beyond a quick fix.

The best way to get help in any of these cases is to contact a professional service who can assist in either arranging a pick up, or offering technical support if it is needed in order to fix the problem.

Find The Model Number Before Calling For Easier Service

Before contacting a Rainbow vacuum service center, the model or part number should be located. The reason for this is that it will make it easier for the agents to know what model they are dealing with and how to look up the parts.

Some may find it best to have the original order number and warranty information handy as well. This is often the case for when the repairs will be covered under the warranty or under a service agreement plan.

Having a brief description of the problem prepared can make it easier to get the support session started. The description should include information such as when the problem started, and any relevant information to what might have caused it.

Choose The Right Type Of Assistance For The Problem

When repairs are needed, there are a few options for Rainbow vacuum cleaner service. The first is to check the schematics or manuals in order to see if the problem can be fixed at home.

If it cannot, then the next logical step is to contact support by phone or email. Both options have their own advantages and disadvantages, which can make it difficult to know which one to select when help is needed.

Email support is best when the problem is minor, or is not very urgent. Email can be used to get technical support, help with returns, or general customer service and sales inquiries.

If the problem is urgent, or step by step help is necessary, phone support is often the better option. Some may prefer phone support for all issues simply because it is easier to talk to a person instead of describe the issue in an email.

As mentioned above, when calling phone support, it may be best to have any relevant part or model numbers handy if replacements will be needed. This can save time as there is no need to look for them while on the phone.

Depending on the problem, the support agent may recommend instructions in the manual, or walk owners through basic repair steps at home. This is often done if the problem is something small that can be easily fixed.

If the problem can not be resolved by phone, then it will be escalated to a service or repair call. To do this, the unit is often picked up and delivered to an authorized center where the work will be completed.

Prepare The Cleaner Before It Is Picked Up

Rainbow vacuum repair centers are able to arrange a pick up of the unit or the parts and accessories in order to get them repaired. When arranging this, it is important to ask what all needs to be prepared in order to save time.

Some will box the unit back up in its original packaging before it is picked up. If this is not available, then a large box may be necessary in order to make it easier to transport it to the center.

After the Rainbow vacuum service center has completed the repairs, the restored unit will be delivered back to the home. The shipping is free, which makes it even easier to get any model back in working order.

Author: Steve MorgretMaster Technician for RainVac.