Why Is Rainbow Vacuum Maintenance Important?

Vacuum Cleaner should be serviced on a regular basis, the same as many other major appliances. Service visits are used to ensure that all of the parts are in working order and that there are no hidden problems.

How often this work needs to be done depends on several factors such as how often it is used and how well it has been cared for. Because of this, some units may need serviced far more often than others do.

What Is The Maintenance For?

There are a number of things that can be done during a service visit. Among these are things like routine Rainbow vacuum maintenance of parts and attachments or even checking on the electrical system.

Some schedule service visits when they first begin to notice a problem with their sweeper. This typically helps to identify the problem before it has a chance to become a much larger and expensive issue.

The check up does not need to be done all of the time, but it may be a good idea to schedule one if it starts to act up, or after any kind of leak, spill, or sudden damage to the unit.

Have It Checked Up Every Few Years

As a general rule, vacuums should be checked at least few years for those who use it regularly. Some owners may find this is not always necessary and may stretch it out to once every five years. This is fine so long as there are no obvious issues with the unit.

Rainbow E2 Vacuum CleanerThere are a few things to watch out for when going a long period with any type of check up for the unit however. Sweepers that appear to overheat, or a very clogged vent may indicate that something has gotten clogged further inside the unit.

This is sometimes fixable at home by taking it apart enough to reach the source of the clog and removing it though some may find it is easier and safer to just have a professional fix it for them.

Some issues are very obvious and should be fixed right away, such as a sweeper that shuts off abruptly. This can be a sign that something major has started to go wrong. If something like this happens, the unit should not be used until it has been looked at.

Those who plan to keep their sweeper for a long time can often help prevent these problems by scheduling maintenance every few years to keep all of the parts in working order.

To make it easier to remember when to schedule it, some may choose to do it every time they replace the filter on the vacuum. One thing to note with this is that some replace theirs far more often than others do, so the time frame on this may vary.

Have It Done By Professionals

Having any type of maintenance done means taking apart the unit, which is something that is often best left to a professional. In some cases it may even be required in order to prevent voiding the warranty on the unit.

The advantage of choosing a professional is that the work will be done in a clean environment that is dedicated to servicing vacuums. This typically means the work is done thoroughly and all the parts will be inspected without risk of additional breakage or contamination.

One last thing to keep in mind when scheduling Rainbow vacuum maintenance is the cost. Some of it may be covered under a guarantee or warranty but routine visits may not be covered.

Author: Steve MorgretMaster Technician for RainVac.