Top Tips For Cleaning Rainbow Vacuum Sweeper Parts

Cleaning a vacuum cleaner is nothing something that many think about but it is very important to do at least once or twice per year. Just like carpets and floors, a sweeper gets dirty and will clog if it is not cleaned out.

Pet hair and sticky residue are often the culprits, but general household dirt may also build up over time if it is ignored. This is why all sweeper owners should thoroughly clean out their unit every few months.

Remove Debris From Brushes And Hoses

Debris often accumulates on bristle brushes and around the ends of hoses, which can quickly clog a number of Rainbow vacuum sweeper parts. To prevent this from happening, owners should take a few precautions when cleaning.

After a few uses, the bristles and other attachments should be checked for clumps of hair and debris. If any is present, it should be gently picked off and throw away. This can help to prevent major build ups from forming.

After using the sweeper to clean up a very serious mess, such as a large amount of pet hair, the attachments should be cleaned out immediately afterward. If it is not, the debris may start to form clogs, and may even produce foul odors that are harder to remove later on.

Remove Gunk And Residue Using Gentle Cleansers

SeparatorDebris is not the only thing that should be cleaned off of the various parts on the unit. Gunk and residue are one of the bigger threats to the overall performance of any attachment, but it is also the hardest to spot.

Unlike debris, residue can often be hard to see because it may be hidden just out of sight, or may be a clear color initially. Because of this, many do not know that build up has begun to form on an attachment.

If the residue is ignored, debris and dander may build up on it, which can decrease the performance of the attachment. The residue may also build up to the point where it clogs entirely, making the tool no longer function properly.

Another reason that residue should be cleaned out regularly is that it can spread contaminants and allergens around when cleaning. It may also lead to strong odors that many find very unpleasant.

The best way to prevent this is to always clean out the attachment or part with an approved cleaning tool. This may be a simple cotton swab or even a piece of a paper towel that is lightly moistened.

To make things easier, it may be a good idea to form the habit of cleaning the ends of attachments after cleaning up particularly dirty or sticky messes as these often lead to residue formation.

Give The Basin A Good Scrub Now And Then

The water basin is the core of the entire cleaning system. It holds all of the water that the unit will use, and needs to be filled and emptied every time the sweeper is used.

Because of the amount of water that goes through it, owners will find that it needs to be rinsed out and cleaned every few months, depending on how often they use the unit.

The water basin can typically be rinsed out with just water, but a light rinse with a cleaning solution can keep these Rainbow vacuum sweeper parts clean and free from calcium deposits and other buildup.

Author: Steve MorgretMaster Technician for RainVac.