How To Dust With Rexair Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners

When preparing to dust, many break out their trusty feather duster. While these were once a great way to clean surfaces like shelves and mantles, they have been shown to not do as good of a job as some imagine.

Disposable dusting cloths have become more popular as they trap more dirt, but even these have their drawbacks. For one, they are expensive, and they are not as effective as using a dusting tool attached to a vacuum cleaner.

Start By Cleaning Upholstery In The Living Room

One thing that Rexair Rainbow vacuum cleaners are known for is their ability to trap dust around the home. This is why they are the best tool when it comes to getting the best clean and freshest air possible.

The first place that many start is in their living room, as this is the one room that most families use on a regular basis. Cleaning the floors can make a big difference, but other things like sofas may still contain dust buildup.

To remove and prevent the buildup, the upholstery needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. The upholstery tool is a perfect choice for this, as it can quickly pick up this allergen, making the room feel fresh and pleasant in minutes.

Choose The Right Attachment For Other Surfaces

Rainbow Vacuum NewThe Rainbow can be used to dust more than just furniture and floors. There are several attachments that are perfect for cleaning walls, blinds, mantles, and almost any other surface.

The dusting brush is the best tool for cleaning nearly all of the surfaces in any room. It can be used to reach almost any nook or cranny, and can even reach higher up so that ceiling fans can be cleaned as well.

To use it, simply click the attachment on and gently sweep it across the surface that needs cleaned. It is very important to note that it should never be used over small objects as they can become lodged in the attachment.

It is a good idea when dusting to start at the top and work downward as this will result in more dust being cleaned up. The reason for this is that starting from the bottom and going up may result in dust falling back down, which means cleaning it again.

After cleaning the blinds, walls, and corners near ceilings, smaller surfaces can also be cleaned. Many move on to the entertainment center, then the mantle, and finally, the coffee table.

The biggest advantage of choosing a Rainbow for dusting is that there is no need for a separate dusting product. This means no more buying expensive or heavily scented sprays in order to try to trap dust.

Dust Frequently To Prevent Allergy Problems

The best defense against dust and other allergens is to always make sure that they do not have time to build up. This means dusting as frequently as possible, or whenever it is needed.

Some may find that once a week is enough to keep the allergen at bay, but others may discover it helps to do it every few days instead. Some may also find that certain surfaces attract it more than others, such as coffee tables.

No matter what kind of surface it is, Rexair Rainbow vacuum cleaners have an attachment that can be used to keep them clean without the need for additional sprays or harsh chemicals.

Author: Steve MorgretMaster Technician for RainVac.